Frameless Panel

  • Frameless Panel

Frameless Panel Series

1.Framless panel, there is no visible frame when you light it up;

2.Be able to connect one by one into different shapes;

3.Diversified installation way;

4,It is ideal products to build the panel ceiling and panel wall;

5.Diffuser and LGP are PMMA,anti yellowing;



Model No. Wattage Luminous flux CRI LED Dimension
DWM606036 36W 3420lm 80Ra SMD4014 595x595x16.7mm
DWM626236 36W 3420lm 80Ra SMD4014 620x620x16.7mm
DWM3012036 36W 3420lm 80Ra SMD4014 295x1195x16.7mm
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