Linear Frameless Panel

  • Linear Frameless Panel

Linear frameless Panel

1. This is real frameless panel!!!

2. Linear Linkable features enable users to expand the space easily and install these panels as long as they want;

3. Pure PMMA LGP, resistant color becoming yellowing;

4. High effciency; lumen output 100lm/W;

5. Soft and smooth light distributionl

6. Diversified installation way; Suspending, clips recessed, flat recessed, surface mount, Tunnel track installation;



Model No. Wattage Luminous flux CRI LED Dimension
DWF146036 36W 2800lm 80Ra SMD4014 145x595x30mm
DWF1412036 36W 3600lm 80Ra SMD4014 145x1195x30mm
DWF1412048 48W 4800lm 80Ra SMD4014 145x1195x30mm


  • ModelLinear Frameless Panel