Lens Panel

  • LENS LED Panel

LENS LED Panel Series

1. Revolutionary  LENS design to offer 140lm/W high efficiency lighting output;

2. No LGP inside, most reliable panels, 5 years warranty;

3. Professional performance, 5 years long time warranty with very good price;

4. UGR<17



Efficiency Model No. Wattage Luminous flux CRI LED Dimension
120lm/W   DWL606030 30W 3600lm 80Ra SMD2835 595x595x21.6mm
DWL626230 30W 3600lm 80Ra SMD2835 620x620x21.6mm
DWL3012030 30W 3600lm 80Ra SMD2835 295x1195x21.6mm
140lm/W DWL606030H 30W 4200lm 80Ra SMD2835 595x595x21.6mm
DWL626230H 30W 4200lm 80Ra SMD2835 620x620x21.6mm
DWL3012030H 30W 4200lm 80Ra SMD2835 295x1195x21.6mm
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